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Florida:MarketStart Date
Register Now!Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch2/9/18
Register Now!Sarasota2/9/18
Register Now!The Beach Book2/9/18
Register Now!Englewood2/8/18
Register Now!Venice2/8/18
Kentucky:MarketStart Date
Register Now!South Central Kentucky1/11/18
Pre-registerNortheast Kentucky2/26/18
Massachusetts:MarketStart Date
Register Now!Fall River2/6/18
Register Now!Ayer1/16/18
Register Now!Fitchburg1/16/18
Register Now!Gardner1/16/18
Register Now!Franklin County2/15/18
Register Now!Hampshire County2/15/18
Register Now!New Bedford2/5/18
Pre-registerTaunton Area3/19/18
Maryland:MarketStart Date
Pre-registerWashington Cty3/7/18
New Hampshire:MarketStart Date
Register Now!Manchester2/13/18
Ohio:MarketStart Date
Register Now!Portsmouth1/11/18
Register Now!Union Countrywide2/13/18
Pennsylvania:MarketStart Date
Register Now!Hamburg1/23/18
Register Now!Reading1/23/18
Register Now!York1/29/18
Virginia:MarketStart Date
Register Now!Winchester1/31/18
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